Nintendo Sells 10 Million DS units

The train that is the Nintendo DS keeps rolling. From the article: “Nintendo Co. said Tuesday that it has sold about 10 million of its Nintendo DS handheld game systems worldwide, including about 4 million in North America and more than 5 million in Japan. Perrin Kaplan, vice president for marketing at Nintendo’s U.S. headquarters in Redmond, said the company sold about 3 million of the handheld gaming gadgets to North American consumers in 2005.”

[Source: AP]


  1. Ok… that makes… only 1 million in Europe?

    That feels somehow difficult to understand =(

  2. mmm i read somewhere that nintendogs had sold more than 1 million units in europe. i read this about one month and a half ago, before christmas then.
    it is quite impossible that every european ds owner, bought nintendogs, even bundled. i think that european figures are the most difficult to measure, every country is different and there is no centralised sales.
    anyway, the news is full of “about” so lets wait for precise figures.
    on last remark : the ds hit the european market the 31th march 2005, so it is only 8 months since the launch.

  3. oops i meant 9 months.
    in other words, the ds has just born ! 😉

  4. ..What’s that about rollin’?

  5. It is really hard to find any numbers on Europe. According to Nintendo of Sweden, DS has sold a quarter of a million units in Scandinavia. Scandinavia covers only a little less than 3% of Europe’s total population.

    Also, one source suggest that DS has sold 800,000 units in the UK.

  6. on 25 november 2005, Nintendo sold more than 2Millions of DS in PAL Territory

    I guess now with xman sales in Europe, DS worldwide park is like ~12M (5M+ Japan) + (4M+ USA) + (2M+ Europe)

  7. I think I am more confused now that I have ever been.

    Numbers scare me


    Thats about all I got from these comments.

  8. DS has sold 3.5 million units in Europe, upping the sales figures to 13 million total.

    MSN Money

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