Nintendo reveal sales figures

The Nintendo DS is the worlds best selling game platform in the world with 8.83 units sold worldwide. That’s since September only. Best platform of 2005 easily.

Nintendo also released figures for the GC and GBA. From the article: “The Gamecube has just passed 10 million units sold in the US, bringing it to 19.31 million worldwide, and 169.51 million Gamecube games have been sold to September. The Game Boy Advance, including original, SP and Micro, has now sold 70.04 million, and 296.12 million games.”

Who believed the DS would be the little engine that could when the handheld was first revealed back in 2004?

[Source: PALGN]


  1. For such poor numbers gamecube titles sell AMAZINGLY well. Also, im amazed at how well its selling this holiday season, its just unbelievable

    (Dont doubt it, the Gamecube section is nearly empty in the largest store where I live whereas Xbox and PS2 sections are full of titles. Go Ninty!)

    I really REALLY do hope that Ninty pushes the last few units and comes second this generation, would be HILARIOUS.

  2. “with 8.83 units sold worldwide.”
    Lol I think you best add millions in, though it would be funny to think Nintendo is beating Sony by selling 8 DS (plus 83% of a DS) while Sony sells 2.

  3. LMAO! I was skeptical about the DS at first but i love it now. The first DS i got was for my birthday. it got lost on the train and it took me 3 months to get a new one 🙁 I don’t understand the PSP or why its cooler. DS’s are less expensive, more fun, and all around better!

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