Nintendo Power (Sept ‘06) Information Revealed

New information tidbits have broke from the September issue of Nintendo Power. In addition to Rayman and Red Steel features, here are the main points of interest via Go Nintendo:

  • Nintendo Power hopes for a House of the Dead and Spore title for the Wii. They also confirm that Trauma Center: Second Opinion is a launch title.
  • Ubisoft’s Ancel on Wii’s Graphics: “In terms of visuals, if it’s fluid, if you can understand the picture, that’s enough… The hardware capabilities aren’t a limitation. It’s more a question of coming up with new ideas than worring about technical specifications. With the Wii, it’s all about having fun.”
  • The October issue of Nintendo Power will have a feature on Metroid Prime 3 and as to why it will change the FPS genre forever.
  • Nintendo Power speculates that you might be able to expand your DS games to the TV Screen (similar to GBA Player?) with the Wii.