Nintendo news round-up: 3DS with a vengeance

– Wired worked themselves into quite the frenzy with their opinion piece yesterday that harshly criticized the apparent lack of eShop and browser availability on day 1. Now, conflicting reports indicate that depending on the region, these features may be available at launch after all. I just don’t know what to believe anymore. You’re tearing me apart…! ( Examiner )

– Achievement Locked: Nintendo reveals their philosophy behind not including an achievement system with the 3DS, or any of their other systems. Personally, I can’t say I feel like I’m missing out just because I don’t get some arbitrary badge for swinging Link’s sword 300 times. ( Kotaku )

– Justin Bieber wants to use the Super Mario Bros. theme song in his new upcoming movie. Request: DENIED. ( Joystiq )

– Comparing the 3DS’s lackluster battery life with its juiced up predecessors is quite the depressing display of devolution. On the bright side, it’s not much heavier or bigger than the DS lite. Check out how the many DS iterations stack up with this handy hardware comparison chart. ( Wikipedia )

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  1. Basically, in regards to the download centre, it probably will be available in some places when the 3ds is released. Take for example Japan, china and the US: These places are all large in population and demand for the console. Therefore it is likely in Nintendo’s rush to get the console out they will not relese the centre side-by-side but later down the track.
    In contrast however when we look at places like Australia, my origin, it is likely that we will have a later relase date, even if it is only by a week or so, regardless of that as the population and demand is smaller it is probably likely that a download centre and more features will appear for us in a shorter period of time if they arent infact launched with the console.
    It may also be worth noting that the price may be greater in Australia as there is a lower demand. As we have heard little to nothing about it from Nintendo i base my speculations upon other release patterns.
    In this instance Pokemon White and Black are to be released March 11 in the US and the 3ds to be released 25th of the same month. Whereas in Australia Pokemon Black and white are apparently due to be released around march 25th, therefore playing upon basic logic and maths one can assume that the same distance in time will be shared between these two as in the US to Aus. Leading me to assume that the 3ds will be released around the end of march to the 10th of feb, even later depending on what Nintendo sees fit. Therefore the download centre will have had more time for trial and the fixing o bugs and may be ready for a release the very day Australia sees in 3d.

  2. Really, anyone cares about the lack of web browser on the console? I Opera installed on the DS and never used it!!!

  3. Zelda doesn’t have achievements? The hell they don’t. It’s just that they’re called “heart pieces”. I consider a Zelda game to be 100% complete with I have every heart container filled, just as I’d consider any Xbox 360 game to be 100% complete when I have every achievement. All Microsoft (and more recently Sony) has done is standardize them across all games, and in forcing developers to include a certain number of them, they’ve caused some stupid ones (like “get through the tutorial level” or “die a lot”) to exist.

    Which I think reduces the level of immersion, to be honest (because of the popup bubbles), but to say Nintendo doesn’t reward you for doing obscure things is just not true. Knowing enough to go back in time to an earlier dungeon and summon a scarecrow to help you access something invisible behind a wall certainly is obscure, about as obscure as letting yourself freefall in Portal for about 10 minutes straight without ever touching the ground.

  4. when i first read about the 360 and achievements years ago i thought it was absolutely silly and unnecessary however i admit i have become a complete achievement whore and playing a game on wii feels much emptier without em



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