Nintendo news round-up: 3DS with a vengeance

– Wired worked themselves into quite the frenzy with their opinion piece yesterday that harshly criticized the apparent lack of eShop and browser availability on day 1. Now, conflicting reports indicate that depending on the region, these features may be available at launch after all. I just don’t know what to believe anymore. You’re tearing me apart…! ( Examiner )

– Achievement Locked: Nintendo reveals their philosophy behind not including an achievement system with the 3DS, or any of their other systems. Personally, I can’t say I feel like I’m missing out just because I don’t get some arbitrary badge for swinging Link’s sword 300 times. ( Kotaku )

– Justin Bieber wants to use the Super Mario Bros. theme song in his new upcoming movie. Request: DENIED. ( Joystiq )

– Comparing the 3DS’s lackluster battery life with its juiced up predecessors is quite the depressing display of devolution. On the bright side, it’s not much heavier or bigger than the DS lite. Check out how the many DS iterations stack up with this handy hardware comparison chart. ( Wikipedia )

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