Nintendo Leipzig Press Conference

GameBoy Micro gets a price tag of $99, play-yan is confirmed, Europe will get a new white GC bundle that won’t have Zelda on it this year, and both the Micro and DS get new colors. Overall good news for our friends in Europe, but nothing regarding the Revolution or that confounded controller.
(Yeah, these guys look way excited…)

[Source: Cube Europe]


  1. Play-Yan has been confirmed for Europe for a while, hasn’t it?

  2. No GBM bundle O.o :'( not getting the GBM then…..
    Yeah they look excited 😀 LOL Germans are NEVER excited 😉

  3. Has Play-Yan been confirmed for the USA? Also, is that $99 meaning 99 Euros or $99 US?

  4. UbiSoft says they will support the Revolution.

    Here’s the (URL) link:

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