Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Coming Soon

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Nintendo Labo was one of those odd things that came and went in the world of gaming, but the Big N clearly isn’t done yet. They just announced the third installment of the build-it-yourself Toy Con cardboard gaming peripheral: The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit!

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Toy Con Wheel
Betcha this will be Mario Kart 8 DX compatible too…

Offically labeled as Toy Con 03, the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit has players driving, flying and diving across an open world, through a variety of cardboard contraptions. We saw a steering wheel, gas pedal and key, a flight stick for a plane, and even a little cardboard submarine.

This new Nintendo Labo gameplay brings back memories of exploring Wuhu Island in Pilot Wings Resort, so fans of that free-roaming vehicle based exploration might have something to look forward to with this new Labo installment.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Toy Con Flight Stick
                                              Arwing Simulator, anyone?

Much of the gameplay remains a mystery, and it’s hard to tell from the trailer if there’s more to do besides just explore for exploration’s sake. Still, one would assume there will be various challenges to complete or discoveries to be made while you’re out in your cardboard vehicles.

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit will release on September 14th, and it costs a whopping $70. That might be a big pill to swallow for Labo’s more casual base, but seeing as we’re about to enter a Nintendo release drought, maybe the timing is just right to make this the big game for September.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Toy Con Submarine
It’s still made of cardboard, so don’t get it wet

To pre-order this new Nintendo Labo Toy Con kit, or to watch the trailer, visit Nintendo’s offical site here.

Are you planning on getting the Vehicle Kit next month? Is the price justified, or is the cost of producing these Labo products too much to warrant a purchase? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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