Nintendo Grows in Seattle

The Seattle Times writes: “Nintendo of America wants to expand… The maker of such video-game icons as Mario and Luigi of Super Mario Bros. fame and Donkey Kong wants to add more than 550,000 square feet of building area on its property at the northeast corner of Northeast 51st Street and 148th Avenue Northeast, according to city planning documents.

In return, the city hopes Nintendo formally agrees to set aside a path through its campus for bikes and pedestrians to use that also could become the future route for a bus, train, shuttle system, monorail or some other type of “people mover.”

I guess business is good.


  1. That means Nintendo isn’t putting all their eggs into the Revolution basket, as their last hope. Take that fanboys.

  2. What is this last hope balogne >.< I mean really the gamecube = PROFIT! Seriously, its not like Ninty is in danger of going under, they are doing great money-wise. I would personally LOVE to have their financial security Revo, even if it doesnt win, will see money. But since it is rumored that Nintendo has come an agreement with publishers to help fund EXCLUSIVE games (eg: EA games wont get this benefit ^^) there will also be more titled by third parties, but with Nintendo logo on it more people will even consider picking it up. Either way, NoA is getting a big expansion, I wonder if there will be some locally-made games from NoA now?

  3. Wow .. additional space the size of 1,000 times that of my apartment. What they gonna do with all that space?

  4. well, everywhere I look I see reports and websites saying Nintendo is on the edge of failure, and that the revolution is their last efford before they get out of hardware. Believe me. People says that. Now if Nintendo is investing in expanding their offices, but not the japanese but the American side, it must mean that they are making money and are growing isn’t it? LET’S HOPE JOYSTIQ AND THEIR LOVE FOR GOSSIP AND FLAMING RUN THIS STORY.

  5. I didnt mean you specifically, just the entire idea of them going under in itself.

    Fanboys LOVE the entire ideology of market share matters, but not when you sell at a loss.

    Besides, if Nintendo left the business I wouldnt buy systems anymore, I dont have time to replace pieces of sh*t that break 🙂

  6. Fellas fellas, what’s the problem? Let’s take it easy now. No one sed any of that in this post. Let’s try to stick to the topic here.

    Btw, that’s interesting, the expansion thing. Maybe they’ll have a huge EALA type office where they can crank out all the Mario Parties from. ;D

  7. I heard on the almighty internet that Nintendo of America is using their new space to construct a Death Star that can blow up entire Microsoft and Sony power stations. Man its on the internet, so it has to be true.

  8. Dude… do we all have to grow soup-strainers to be part of the army? Or wear green tunics? Or be blonde’s wearing bikinis?

    Either way, I am joining the Nin-Troopers ^.^

  9. There are also plans to build a Giant HD difusser that will make anything high defenition blow up. Progressive scan will rieghn supreme…for now.

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