Nintendo gets freaky this Thursday

Freakyforms, an original Nintendo 3DS release, hits eShop on November 10th. It appears to be the perfect game to bring out the mad scientist Picasso in you!

Design your own creature and watch it come to life? Count me in. From Warioware D.I.Y. to Spore to Rock Band 3 to Magic Pengel (trust me, it’s awesome), nothing can get me to buy a game quicker than great character creation tools.

Check out Nintendo’s site. The game’s looking stylish, fun and full of creative possibilities–as well as potential psychiatric test use! The gameplay? Looks like simple platforming with a Kirby’s Epic Yarn/Yoshi’s Story influence.

I love the AR and QR code implementation! I love that it allows you to also design the backgrounds! I love the warning of “Mild Fantasy Violence!”

I’m definitely giving this one a shot. If nothing else, it’ll help ease the remaining wait to Mario Day! How about you? Is it enough to make you part with $6.99?