Nintendo: For The Win

Firing Squad has an interesting editorial declaring that Nintendo is in a good position to come out #1 for the next gen. With reasons from the price of gas to the sequel-mania problem, the article says that Nintendo has the right strategy to win including an innovative controller, a low price point, and a hip image.

In the words of the author, “The kiddie-friendly persona lures in parents, but the retro links and gaming history bait hardcore console gamers. Moreover, just the idea that the Revolution is cheap to develop for and might have cool independent games is sexy. Just like the iPod, it’s the idea ”“ not the hardware ”“ that’s sexy. And yes, I know I am helping to spread that idea with this very article.”

Wait a sec, Nintendo seems to be scoring a branding coup. Not to long ago, they were synonymous with “kiddie.” Now, Nintendo is hip, cool, and sexy. Hey, I’ve felt that way all along, but it’s nice to see the opinion spreading. Personally, I see Nintendo fans like you and me as responsible for the trend.

Thanks, Fad Man!

[Source: Nintendo: For The Win]