Nintendo DS Redesign Mockups

Vik407 has a nice little mockup for the expected DS redesign sometime next year. Click on the link to find his detailed descriptions of the DS Plus.

What would your ideal DS redesign feature?

[Source: Flickr]


  1. I dunno. The screens have to be one on top of the other for most games cenimatics to work. Plus my eyes are so used to looking up and down…how would you play metroid pinball?

    Nice presentation though.

  2. I think it’s just going to look sleeker, smaller and just sexier. Don’t think they’re going to change the basic shape of it at all.

  3. Frisby: ah, good point

  4. That thing looks like a big brick… frankly I like the current DS design more than that.

    But hey, I guess now that we’ve seen the Rev controller, people need something else to make mock-ups of… even things that haven’t been announced yet 😛

  5. Mock-ups, mock-ups, mock-ups…

    Where would be without our mockups eh?

    Agree with robotplague – it’ll just be smaller and sleeker. Now that DS software is hitting it’s stride you can be that Nintendo will drop the GBA slot too (which is no bad thing considering that the screen looks pixellated and is bordered on GBA games).

  6. They won’t drop it until the next version of DS comes around. DS is making use of it for the option paks and those have barely been introduced. We can probably expect them to change the places of the slots. The bottom is definitely gonna get the most work.

  7. wow,

    -sorry for my english-

    thanks to place this rought mockup, that it looks much like a brick because the total absence of shades, its a 15 minutes work and i want to put some ideas on it, maybe work more on adding shades.

    Thanks for the link, great site i checked daily.

  8. if you looked at this mock up a little harder you’d recognize that it slides up instead of flipping up and its not a side to side view… just poorly drawn dimensions… it should be wider… give me a slim plastic protector that slides over the top screen like a battery cover and this would be a pretty slick idea…

  9. The DS is selling really well so I think if they “redesign” it it will be an aesthetic redesign and they probably won’t change any of the funcionaltiy of the device. Maybe it’ll be thinner and lighter and have a different finish that’s similar to the revolution.

  10. Am I the only one that loves the clamshell design? I just really like the fact that I can just toss it in my backpack and go about my day without having to worry about the display being scratched by pencils or whatever else is in there. Yeah, the outside gets dinged up but the screen still looks great.

    As far as a redesign goes, the only way I’d really consider getting one would be if it were to be much more comfortable to hold in your hand. Maybe they could round the corners like on the original GBA or the SNES controller so that the L and R buttons are easier to use and so that the bottom corners don’t dig into my palms as much.

  11. I’d also like for the buttons to be big and convex like the Micro’s. I have an SP and a Micro, plus a GB Player. Thus= I’m sooo getting this.

  12. a new ds revamped? good to see one in the future…
    BTW the new Ds i’m imaging is far more slick than the actual… but with the same shell a la game and watch, it will be lighter and more more more comfortable, aka ergonomical…
    videos must be the same size, and the touch screen must be more resistant.
    but I bet they won’t redesign the whole thing…. ^__^

  13. I posted a mockup in the same thread as Vik407 on Joystiq.
    Here’s my design, feel free to add it to the main post if you like.

    It was a concept I did when I first heard about the DS, but before it had been revealed.

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