Nintendo denies WiiHD, dings analyst

reggie_fils-aime_20070711_e3_520pxNintendo’s own Reggie Fils-Aime openly declared to GameTrailers TV that the Wii HD simply does not exist:

Reggie: Michael [Pachter] continues to be the only one who believes that this is gonna happen. I don’t know how forcefully we can say there is no Wii HD.

Keighley: It’s not coming, period?

Reggie: No.

[As Transcribed by Kotaku]

And a ding at Michael Pachter! Kudos Reggie – but we don’t believe you for a second.  Didn’t Nintendo just recently deny the DSi XL, only to announce it later that week? Sorry Nintendo, but your track record for PR denials makes them entirely meaningless.

…although I DO so love it when Pachter is wrong..