Nintendo denies rumble to N64 Virtual Console titles

Despite my best efforts, I was unable to spin this sour note about the Virtual Console into a positive light for Nintendo. I kid, of course.

The news? CVG is reporting that Virtual Console games will NOT support force feedback for N64 games.

CVG: “The Rumble Pak was one of the N64’s many great innovations, accentuating in-game crashes, bumps and explosions by shaking the controller. But when N64 games arrive on the Virtual Console retro downloads system on Wii, they’ll lack forcefeedback support, Nintendo has confirmed to CVG in a Q&A regarding the Virtual Console.”

This includes VC games that you intend to play with a GameCube controller, which has rumble built in. This and the VC pricing are probably the two downers I’m feeling right now going into the final stretch before the launch on Nov. 19. What ya going to do. No one scores a perfect 10 these days anyway, right? So I guess it’s ok. Still stings though.