Nintendo Debunks Zelda Rumor

As if Iwata’s, Miaymoto’s, and Reggie’s confirmations weren’t enough, Nintendo of Europe has officially gone on record to dismiss rumors that Zelda: Twilight Princess will be a Revolution title. Nintendo’s UK PR manager said: “Nintendo has always said [the game] will appear on the GameCube and this is still very much the case.”

Could the continued existence of this rumor prove that Nintendofiles are the most wishful thinking creatures in the world? I know I am.

[Source: Games Industry]


  1. Just because a system is on the decline, doesn’t mean you can’t still make money off of it. Nintendo has a lot of Gamecubes out there, and people to sell games to. If you look at Reggie Fils-Aime’s speech from the press summit, he talks about the gamecube’s last year and providing a lower number of titles but with high value. That’s business speak for selling games to the hardcore fans who still want to play Gamecube even though the Revolution is coming out. Twilight Princess is a gift to cube owners who are sticking to the end.

    The whole ‘Twilight Princess will be on the Revolution’ rumor is wishful fan thinking. What’s logical to a fan doesn’t always make good business sense.

  2. you did this mock up yourself?
    I guess it has kind of sexual tension this conversation between young link and zelda. some freud buff should analize what’s going on there. this ganon stuff, you know, could he symbolize their shame for the loss of innocence, or something oppressive?
    (answer here, please)

  3. Why would anyone want TP to be released for Revo? This is a Gamecube game.

    If there’s a Zelda game I want to be released for Revo, it would be Zelda Revolution, not TP

  4. Hehe, I think you mean Nintendophiles. I was confused at first, because I thought Nintendofiles was some site I’d never seen before.

    That being said, I think everyone’s just excited about the new system, and so want to see a new Zelda on a new system, since the possibility exists for something truly unique.

  5. I don’t get it..Oh you guys want them to delay it again for a year so it can be on the Revolution…Because if it does jump ship, you know Nintendo isn’t jsut going to port it over and say “Here”, no you know that if it did jump ship, they would try to use the new controller, so they would push it back to 2007.

    But anyway,

    Gamecube, Revolution, either way you can play it on both. And what better game to promote backwards comparability then this Zelda game?

    Cuz by the time anyone is half way through it, the Revolution will be launching.

  6. oh man…i thought it would be the golden end for the gamecube 🙁
    i hope that when it comes out that it would be playable with the revolution controller only, so that TP will be the zelda revolution.

    this is sad

  7. Wishful thinking? Delusion is more like it.

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