Nintendo At UBS Conference

Reggie Fils-Aime made a presentation at the 33rd Annual UBS Global Media Conference. In the presentation, Reggie discussed Nintendo’s approach of marketing to more casual gamers, Nintendogs strong sales even among female gamers, quotes from supportive third-party developers, and DS versus PSP sales.

EA was even quoted on the Revolution’s vontroller, “It’s a brilliant controller, and as usual we can credit Nintendo with being innovative and neat and fresh and fun. They continue to pioneer in our industry…they make some of the best games in the industry…and we look forward to partnering with them.”

[Source: Gamasutra]


  1. Gawd, Reggie’s hideous!

  2. He scared the crap outta me right there.

  3. Well I sent you the link to do your update on Nintendo before I did, I made a long damn post, and then Reggie goes and does this! Of course porting will be easy, a developer said that the Revo had PLENTY of Memory. Keep in mind that the whole “Pushing” thing IGN is talking about developers having to do.. developers are talking about having PLENTY of something and then Reggie comes out and sais porting wont be a problem.

    Wonder how IGN will say he is lying 😉

    Either way, Way to go Reggie, you back up statements and slap IGN in the face after they got everyone thinking ports are impossible. We might not get RE5, but we will get Kojima games, and that might be saving us just enough pain to know not only can we port but we will get exclusives others could only DREAM of…

    until they rip the controller off ^^

  4. It’s not IGN’s fault ppl overreacted.

  5. Yes it is, right after IGN released its “information” developers went to someone else to set the record straight.

    When you are starting the Revolution section youd think they would include comments like “PLENTY” (biggest fsking importance in the entire ram discussion) for developers to use on standard definiton.

    People are now saying even on SD it wont matter Nintendo is screwed because IGN chose to omit a word here or there and twist it.

    Also, the whole “Developers say its an upgrade of the flipper” was BS, developers are building games using the flipper protocol because they know NOTHING about Hollywood, they even say no clue about it. They know what they can expect ballpark but they dont know what the custom GPU will be like!

    IGN had the chance to start off well with the Revo, they didnt and now they have placed themselves in an embarrassing place because the facts are out, I just would have rather bigger blogs such as yourself would have posted the tip link I sent where the record is set straight because one simple statement would have stopped ALL of this freaking out


    Thats an important word, developers have what they need they arent having to cut corners to make REvo games like is insinuated.

  6. I say it’s both people’s faults. IGN should have made it more clear that these could well not be the final specs and people should try using their brains and not literally believe those are the possible specs.

  7. It’s only IGN’s fault. Nobody else is to blame. They push bogus specs and don’t say so. This “Matt” that is in charge of the GC and Rev channels should be fired. I never liked is way and never will. How can you dish up BS like that all the time? How can he not be as (or more) excited and more informed than we are about the Rev and its controller?

    IGN is a sell-out. Just like EGM. They speak with high regards about the Xbox; because it’s American and MS is giving them a big % of their media revenues. Why isn’t anybody saying the truth about the Xbox 360? It’s a BIG (did you see the adapter?) piece of crap that they over price and over hype to no end. They’ll sometimes use these words to describe Sony (and they should), but why never MS?

    Think about it.

    And no, I’m not a fanboy of Nintendo, I’m simply a gamer. And I embrace inovation; as should everybody. Even if you’re a Sony of MS fan, you can’t deny nintendo’s work and progress.

  8. “I’m not a fanboy of Nintendo”-babble

    What a convincing case you made supporting that…

  9. IGN didn’t do anything wrong. Nine times out of ten they do thing just fine (look no further than their reviews of DS games, all the games I own they reviewed at 85% or higher).

    What they did here was get some inside information from developers who have at least seen a very crude development kit of the Revolution. Any person who saw the information that they provided as bad for Nintendo has, unfortunately, been brainwashed by the marketing geniuses of Sony and MS who have convinced everyone and their dogs that processing power is going to win the console wars. Yawn. Where’s Saturn now? Genesis? 32x? Dreamcast? All were hardware-superior to their comeptitors but lacked GAMES.

    It’s amazing, but there are still some who remain that believe megaflops and RAM are the be-all end-all to gameplay. INNOVATION contributes to gameplay and it is Nintendo, now in its second century of existence, that has gone above and beyond proving that it has the innovation to succeed not only with software, but with its hardware as well (even you GC haters out there have to accept that the specs and gameplay of that system rival the original Xbox — Perfect Dark 4 anyone?). Nintendo lacked marketing savvy in the past, but I think even the most pessimistic of us today can agree that their current marketing blitz and underground hype campaign with DS, GameBoy and the Revolution is approaching “success” status.

    Now, to the original reason why I posted today — to slam the PSP. Slashdot is running a story on the PSP today and how it is still struggling to establish itself against the DS and the marketing hype of the 360. So far, so bad.

    The Link

    Look down at the comments. No one plays the PSP for its original games, they play it for SNES emulation! “Gathering dust” is also a description I’m seeing a lot of PSP owners use today as well. Anyway, food for thought for all you guys and gals who thought the IGN piece was a doomsday death knell for Nintendo and the Revolution. Play on.

  10. I owned a saturn and a Genesis, and neither were more powerful than their competitor, save in a few certain aspects (Saturn had better 2D handling, and a better sound chip, Genesis was technically faster in terms of processing power than SNES. Dreamcast was a ‘tweener between one generation and the next. We shall not speak of 32x, but then we shall not also speak of the N64DD, Virtual Boy, or M2…).

    Let’s just hope that all 3 systems garner big marketshares in their respective demographic targets, so we can continue to see healthy competition and great games across all platforms.

  11. As ive said in my blog and I have tried sending the tip to Infendo but they didnt use it, IGN didnt just say what they were told, THIS is what developers were saying

    They had to go AROUND IGN to get the truth out after IGN blew it

  12. LSSLAVE, great linked article.

    It’s humorous how the Games Industry article used only positive words when addressing the Rev’s capabilities.

    IGN was still info but it had a different feel to it. Rather than a, “Hey, this is super easy to develop for, the tech is stronger than cube and the new controller is great,” it had a much more, “Well, it’s lookin kinda weak, but it’s got that controller…”

  13. The problem Anonymous is they were the same developers, if you read the article carefully after the IGN article came out the developers had to go set the record straight. They SAID all this good stuff about the Revo, and about how it had plenty of resources.

    They said that they were only working on the upgraded flipper idea because they didnt know anything about the brand new processor

    They love the idea of using the upgraded gecko processor because they dont need to have their staff learn a new code language just to program, they just use what they knew to begin with.

    I just wish more than my blog was using this info (albeit I think Revo Report knows something because I had a share of words with them, im looking forward to their podcast)

    I want it to be known I gave this link to infendo tips, 3 hours later to joystiq tips, and only then did it myself. (I was planning to use it myself anyhow but still)

  14. Don’t diss Reggie… he will punch your head clean off…

  15. You ever stop to think that maybe that’s how it came off to IGN? The devs didn’t use the exact same words for everyone they leaked stuff to. That was prob they took it.

    Regardless of that, i didn’t feel IGN spun it in any way. It was just straight news, which is how it shoulda been. Different sites report differently.

  16. prob how* they took it

  17. Rollin can we agree on anything 😛

    Developers had to go out of their way to set the record straight… they should NOT have had to do this. IGN also put a negative spin on things.

    You dont have to agree with me because you never do, but its obvious that IGN screwed up because the developers had to go out of their way to fix it. Is it too late? Yes even fucking G4 is commenting on Nintendo being weak and CHEAP. Thats right, they dont even say affordable they say CHEAP, in a derogatory manner.

  18. It also depends on how you yourself take it, LS. I saw nothing wrong with what IGN sed. Ur being defensive.

    …You’re right, i guess we can’t. 🙂

  19. Last night I asked IGN for them to respond in their mailbag about it, nothing mean at all just honest questions, so we will see their response 😉

    Your missing the point though Rollin 🙁 Developers had to set the record straight, when you are breaking a NDA and risking getting sued you kind of hope that people are going to put what you say up there. Nothing good they said about the system was on IGNs REVOLUTION page… they ignored the good and posted the bad.

  20. My point is that those devs (which, by keeping anonymous, risk nothing) spoke to more sites than just IGN. When you tell someone something, do you repeat it word for word when u tell the same thing to another? So the way i see it, what IGN reported reflects the manner in which the devs told the info to IGN, or how it came off to IGN at least.

    Why would IGN want to make it seem bad? The fact that ur looking for an evildoer indicates that ur upset. Are you not impressed by the leaked specs?

  21. 96 megs of 1T-SRAM…

    In comparison, to compete with 128 megs of DDR it took 24 megs of 1T-SRAM

    So upgrade it to 96, 96 divided by 24 = 4

    The Revolution has 4 times as much RAM (the DDR is used for sound remember, it is a small amount because they dont need more)

    The Xbox 360 did the same thing, 4 times as much RAM as was available as before. The Xbox 360 therefor is an equal upgrade in terms of RAM but they also have to show High Definition and are using a worse kind of RAM.

    We know NOTHING of the GPU but remember, they are pushing a much lower resolution so at half the GPU they can pull the same graphics. Combined with excess RAM you only have to imagine what is going to come of this.

    Processor speed might be low, but one thing that IGN didnt tell us about is the L2 Cache, the most important part of the processor, is higher than the 3 processors of the X 360 put together (unless Nintendo for once DIDNT take an excessive amount of L2 cache)

    You also have to count along the lines of how ridiculous people are thinking 3 processors will do so many wonders. If people have the slightest tech knowledge they would understand that the processors lose ALOT of speed talking together, and if the primary processor goes all 3 of them go which means expensive replacements.

    Three Processors is an ego boost, just like many computer techs will agree two processors is no less done just for an ego boost. No one will design computer games that use more than one processor because they would lose market from the people whose processor count = 1.

    Am I upset with the specs? God no, I may be a musician but I know enough technology to know that these specs will make the Revolution amazing. They numbers LOOK low but if you factor everything we are going to see X360 graphics WITHOUT an X360, and shorter load times with it.

    Now im going to copy and paste this into my blog because its really good information, of course im going to add to it ^^

    The reason im upset with IGN is because they made it look bad. People are already reacting, EB games in town laughs at Nintendo fans already. They have damaged the launch of the Revolution, and I can imagine Nintendo is not going to give them any more exclusives. If Matt would have used his brain to EXPLAIN what these things meant people would realize it meant that the upgrade is just as massive as the X360 upgrade was, but because Nintendo isnt a stupid company theyc an do it cheaper and more efficiently.

  22. …R u crazy? They didn’t damage the launch. You have to calm down, brotha. Take a chill tab.

    First off, who gives a rat’s ass what the specs are, honestly. I don’t. Second, who cares what EB does? A great man once sed to me: “EB and GameStop employees are the janitors of the gaming industry”. (No offense to any possible employees of said establishments :D)

  23. mmm you must be on IGNs payroll man 😉

    When people go to buy something it would be nice for people to be willing to actually give them good information though, those who dont know, the non gamers that Nintendo is trying to pick up might have a hard time getting into something when the clerk bashes it in front of them.

  24. As ive said, my biggest bite was that IGN could have at least given some good feedback to go with it so people didnt hear it.

    When MTV and G4 are calling it weak thats a larger demographic discussing it.

  25. That’s my point, ur making it sound bad just cause they reported it without opinionated comments. There’s nothing wrong with straight news.

    MTV called it weak??

    By G4 i assume u mean AOTS, and i will concede that. But like everyone else, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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