Nintendo AppleCube

Like the now defunct Apple/HP iPods before it, maybe the Macintosh maker will get into the games business someday. Would Nintendo and Apple be a good pair, or is it best that Mario & Co. always fly solo?

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  1. Seperate, very seperate. Nintendo and apple are very different. Both are very protective of there hardware and software. I doubt they’d trust each other enough to give eachother needed info on things that they’re working on. Communication would break down and all would be lost. It would be like when Sony and Nintendo first tried to make a system.

  2. Honestly, as much as I love both companies I never want to see them co-release a product. Work together & get iTunes/iPod/Revolution/DS2 integration? Definately. Release the Apple iBoy Revolution? Not so keen..

    Tho, I just had a thought, since the Revolution is wireless ready from the get go, how brilliant would it be if you could stream music from iTunes ala AirTunes Express? Damn, someone suggest this to Nintendo right now!

  3. Apple did get into the gaming business when they invented the Apple Pippin in the mid ninties. The system was actually more powerful than the original Playstation clocking in at a blazing 66mhz, but didn’t due well because it was released by Bandai much later than the other three systems of that generation.

  4. You won’t believe how much of a shock I had when I saw that pic today! For a second I seriously thought they had merged or something! LoL!

    Anyway as a long time mac user and Nintendo fan, I certainly know me and many friends think it would be very cool if the two companies had some sort of partnership or something.

    However I think deep down I recongize that the possiblities are low, fact of the matter is that they are unlikely to ever do anything together. This is definitely true for Apple because if they wedge themselves into the console market they’ll be upsetting Microsoft who supplies MS Office to mac and they’ll upset Sony who make sure their hardware is compatitible with the Mac.

    However all is not lost, because in a way Apple has indeed helped Nintendo out as we have seen over the last few years Nintendo have taken a lot of inspiration in the way they now do presentations, how they present their products in promo photographs, the design of their products, etc. So much so that Reggie even mentioned about how Apple’s iPod has shaken up the market with it’s ‘disruptive’ stetegy. Here’s to Apple and Nintendo’s glorious future! 😀

  5. Wow he got that super nintendo sticker from the 200th issue of Nintendo Power. They were very neat retro stickers I pretty much slapped them all over my DS cause I was bored with silver lol.

  6. 200th issue sticker!!!!

    Mine are all over mt DS game cases I have.

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