Nintendo announces new line of ‘select’ titles

While this may be old news to some,  Nintendo has just confirmed a new round of titles to be given the budget treatment and become a part of the Nintendo Selects line of games. Starting August 28th, Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario Galaxy will all be available for purchase at the low price of $19.99. This follows the previous four titles that have received the select treatment.

It is no secret that in the past couple of months the Nintendo Wii has faced hard times at retail. This move will surely increase retail interest, but will it be enough to get starved Wii owners through until Skyward Sword releases this holiday? My game collection already contains all of the titles in the Nintendo Selects line of games, and I have an inkling that gamers that have had their Wii from the beginning will be in the same boat.

You know what would really be rad? How about a Nintendo Selects line for the 3DS? $40 per game is killer!

Will you be selecting any of these titles?

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. I only have the Mario Galaxy game (what a waste – didn’t enjoy it). Punch-Out is not my type of game and I am not a football fan.

    I am interested in the Paper Mario game so I will be picking that up. I have sooooo many games to play that the lull for the last year has been a blessing.

    Now I just need to finish the Master Quest in Ocarina 3D.

  2. @Blue

    “I have sooooo many games to play that the lull for the last year has been a blessing.”

    Well spoken. I to have have been over my head in games these past years. I only have Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess and Wii Sports from the ‘select’ games. I look forward to Super Paper Mario. So far, I own 29 games for my Wii, and there are still so many on my wish list. I still need to buy Super Paper Mario, Pikmin 1 & 2, Red Steel 2, Muramasa, Goldeneye, Boom Blox 2 and Metroid: Other M.
    And that’s not counting all the DS games I have yet to play. The problem with this generation is that no gamer could afford all the games they wanted to.

  3. Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario. I got my Wii a little late, and when I heard that they were making a Wii Select line, I decided to wait until they released these games as Select titles. I guess my patience has paid off!

  4. They’re all great games to be featured in this line up, but it’s not something that interests me due to have no interest in or already owning all the games above.

  5. I’ll certainly be using this opportunity to pick up Super Paper Mario. Assuming this select line releases in Australia anyway.

  6. @Kaiser Soze
    “The problem with this generation is that no gamer could afford all the games they wanted to.”

    So true…
    The PS2-Xbox-GC years had a ton of games, but honestly nothing like this in MUST-HAVEs…

  7. Mari Galaz and Mario strikers Charged definately. 🙂 It is nocie to see Marii Galaxy on this select line. One questionj though, Why not include Mario Kart Wii or Smash Bros Brawl. ? Those games were big sellers too.

  8. Super Paper Mario, yessss!

  9. @Matthew Case
    Try using spell check.

    The only “Select” game out of the 8 that I want is Twilight Princess, and I got that a month ago. I already have all of the other Selects (First release) from before. I have Super Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy (1 and 2) and I don’t really like sports games.

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