NiGHTS control style(s) details

Like my Friday night Chinese food, NiGHTS will allegedly arrive on the Wii in two styles.

Takashi Iizuka, lead game designer on the original and heading up the newly announced Wii game:

We’re currently designing the game to be played with two control configurations. Our main focus is to design the game to be played with the Wii remote but for those gamers that are more comfortable using a more “traditional-style” controller configuration, they will able to plug the nunchuk into the Wii remote as well.

Does that translate into “bolted on motion controls?” I’m not sure, but it’s not promising. As the PS3/PSP has proven, you need to do one thing well first before you start thinking about doing EVERYTHING well at the same time. My personal opinion is they should focus on one or the other so they can really make it pop, as opposed to trying to appease gamers of all types.

[NGamer, via]