News round-up: Donkey Kong Country Returns nets Nintendo lots of bananas

In case you missed it — some interesting stories from Nintendo that made the headlines this week. Also, whatever you do, don’t look directly at the Kirbémons over there. Their Cuteness Overload is super effective!

Donkey Kong Country Returns sold over 4.21 million copies, joining the ranks of the top 9 best-selling Wii games of all time (a list that Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition has also managed to elbow its way into already). Here’s how DK stacked up against Nintendo’s heavy  hitters:

Mario Kart Wii ”“ 26,500,000 units
Wii Sports Resort ”“ 26,350,000 units
New Super Mario Bros Wii ”“ 21,280,000 units
Wii Fit Plus ”“ 17,740,000 units
Super Mario Galaxy 2 ”“ 6,150,000 units
Wii Party ”“ 5,070,000 units
Donkey Kong Country Returns ”“ 4,210,000 units
Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition ”“ 1,950,000 units
Kirby’s Epic Yarn ”“ 1,380,000 units

See the article for a list of top-selling DS games as well. ( MCV UK )

– Nintendo of Japan is releasing a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for use with the Nintendo DS. It’ll be bundled with Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS, will be compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled platforms such as iOS and Android, and may or may not end up in the corner with the Wii Zapper, balance board, Wii Speak, and Wii Wheel. Will the keyboard create more one-use plastic clutter? Pictures in link. ( Electronista )

– The 3DS eShop, DSiWare transfer ability from DSi to 3DS, and 3DS Internet browser will launch in late May via a system update. I imagine this announcement will infuriate a small subset of readers and come as a general relief to the rest. How do you feel about the delayed availability of these updates? ( USA Today )

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