New York Times: Nintendo advocating piracy?

Apparantly our K.K. Don’t Play That post and Nintendo poking fun at the music industry has gotten a response from the NY Times and Nintendo themselves. From the article: “People can read a lot into a little,” explained NoA head of communications Perrin Kaplan, “but musician K.K. Slider – a guitar-playing cartoon dog – is saying only that he’s a free spirit who cannot be bought and sold for any amount of money,” going on to explain “…that K.K. wanted his music to be free in the sense of being “freed from his guitar, free from any constraints. As a dog, it’s understandable that he would not want to deal with any ‘fat cats.’ “

Nice try Perrin. I think it’s safe to say K.K. wasn’t talking about free spirited music. Touchy subject I guess.

[Source: Spong]