New York Times: Nintendo advocating piracy?

Apparantly our K.K. Don’t Play That post and Nintendo poking fun at the music industry has gotten a response from the NY Times and Nintendo themselves. From the article: “People can read a lot into a little,” explained NoA head of communications Perrin Kaplan, “but musician K.K. Slider – a guitar-playing cartoon dog – is saying only that he’s a free spirit who cannot be bought and sold for any amount of money,” going on to explain “…that K.K. wanted his music to be free in the sense of being “freed from his guitar, free from any constraints. As a dog, it’s understandable that he would not want to deal with any ‘fat cats.’ “

Nice try Perrin. I think it’s safe to say K.K. wasn’t talking about free spirited music. Touchy subject I guess.

[Source: Spong]


  1. this is not advocating piracy… thats a stretch… being a musician i can relate to the statement KK is making because not only have i thought about it… but i’ve heard it from other musicians in a different ways… as an artist a musician wants to create and be free from boundaries… not be confined to what is profitable and popular… which is ultimately what money coaches music towards… industry “fat cats” only want your music to make money… they don’t care about your creativity or perspective unless its profitable… so you lose creative control when you’re signed to a major label… therefor… as independant artists and musicians… they want to be “free”… they don’t want a price put on their music…

  2. In the NYT article, the reporter states, “initials “K.K.” themselves are the equivalent of “Inc.” or “Corp.” in Japan…” Is that true? I thought they were just an abbreviation for Totakeke.

    Can someone shed some light on that?

    And yes, I agree that it’s social commentary but like Rollin said about the comments in Dual Strike – it’s open to interpretation! Perrin took the high road on that one.

  3. I think the whole thing is hillarious (but not as much as the “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” fiasco).

    Nintendo should release a copy for the press or in the game stating that “the opinions expressed by your Animal Crossing town’s residents do not reflect that of the Nintendo Corporation or its associates”. And just to poke fun at the Times, they should keep referring to K.K. as a real person!

  4. …and I remember when playing Animal Crossing for GC, I could clearly read Totakeke (K.K) saying; “I’m all about the music, man. I don’t need fame or fortune. Commercialism is for squares. It’s not my bag.”

  5. Well, all I know is that if I ever end up in court over downloading music, I’m blaming KK! Or possibly the KKK, I havn’t decided yet…

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