New Revolution Info

Nintendo of Europe’s Jim Merrick recently was interviewed by Spanish site Meristation and has revealed some new information on Revolution.

Firstly, Jim confirmed what some of us assumed. The wifi dongle will indeed be compatible with the Revolution. Speaking of wifi, Merrick revealed that, similar to DS Download Play, Revolution owners would be able to play Wifi multiplayer titles with only one copy of the game. Sweet! He then revealed that gamers can download retro titles from different regions. So if a European user wanted to download Super Mario RPG from the US server, he/she very well may. Furthermore, Merrick said that N64 games will have higher framerates on Revolution, but no other signifigant graphical upgrades. Merrick also said that NoE will set up more than 25,000 hotspots in Europe.

He went on to say that with their worldwide launch, all the intended regions will receive Revolutions within 14 weeks maximum. It’s a bigger window than Microsoft’s for 360, but keep in mind that Nintendo probably won’t have trouble with shortages. In dashing many Nintendo fans’ hopes, Merrick announced that Nintendo will not be showing any Revolution games before the year is out. Could Spong be right then? We’ll have to wait and see but Jim did go on to proclaim that there will be no significant differences between Revolution’s visuals and the competitions.

On a DS note, Mr. Merrick revealed that Mario Kart DS would allow chat between you and people on your friends list.

[Source: DS-x2]