New Q1 2006 Games

Nintendo released the goods on a few new GBA, GC, and DS titles scheduled for launch early next year. The most notable in our book: GameCube- Odama (3/6); GBA- Tales of Phantasia (3/6); DS- Electroplankton (1/9), True Swing Golf (1/23), Super Princess Peach (2/27), and Metroid Prime Hunters (3/20).

The company also announced that the insanely popular Brain Training DS would be localized, though no North American dates were set. Which Q1 games other than Zelda are you most looking forward to?

[Source: 1up]


  1. If Brain Training is being localised, will we also get Touch Dic?

  2. Funny!

    Anyhow, I enjoy reading these comments from people around the globe, they are quite animated, on the side note I have a gut feeling that Nintendo is preparing Zelda for the revolution by updating the graphics, because if you recall Zelda was almost wrapped up at E3. Kinda wierd to say the least by pushing it back indefinitely.
    Rafael Navarro

  3. O SH**, TALES OF PHANTASIA FOR GBA?!?!?!?!?!?!


  4. Brain training in the US is really exciting, I hope Nintendo can find a market for it here and continues to localize quirky games in the future

  5. Yay…finally brain training!!! I’m for sure on that one. And I also think that Zelda will be released on Rev…or at least an upgraded version of some sort.
    I think Mario Kart and metriod’s wifi will completely “revolutionize” wifi handheld standards. I plan on playing both of them a lot!

  6. I’ll second that. I’ve been hoping they’ll bring Brain Training to the US. I want that one bad.

  7. Again with the Revolution Zelda…Let me just say this. Zelda is a system show off-er. Nintendo waits for a couple years into a system’s life to unleash a Zelda on us with optimal performance. I know that Cube games can easily be upgraded to Rev, but Iwata promised it for Cube. They may like to surprise us, but they don’t lie.

    Anyhoo, i’m glad we’re getting all these games from Japan. Viva Iwata!

  8. I totally agree, and nintendo will stick to their word. They have said very blatently that it will be released for Cube. But on a side I wouldn’t be suprized if you are able to stick the cube game in your new rev and control the swordplay mechanics with your wand. Then they announce a new Rev exclusive Zelda shortly after.

    The fishy thing here is the fact that they pushed production back 6 months. I’ve worked on DS game where their entire cycle is 6 months. That’s a lot of time and it releases very close to Rev. That is why I am suspicious. 🙂

    either way…I’ll just be happy with Zelda for any system. I started to play ocarina of time on my cube (the promotion release) and it is fun to experience it all again

  9. YES! They need to localize more quirky games in the future!

  10. “They may like to surprise us, but they don’t lie.”

    Uhhhh… Mario 128?

  11. I don’t know if this comment belongs here, but I didn’t know where else to post it.
    I just Reggie’s presentation on IGN. Um…what is the “virtual console?” Is that another name for the Revolution…and if so…what does that mean?

    Suggest we get a blog going discussing this article.

  12. The virtual console the ability to download classic games. Its just the name of the feature, hence the “virtual” part.

    “Uhhhh… Mario 128?”

    What about it?

  13. Hooray! I played Tales of Phantasia a month or two before Tales of Symphonia (just to tide me over) and i can’t wait to play it again, but this time translated. I bet there will be some editing for American audiences though.

  14. “”Uhhhh… Mario 128?”

    What about it?”

    Just that we were told time and time again we’d be getting a new Mario platformer for the GCN.

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