New Paper Mario Stage Flips the Script on Standard Stage Design

paper mario stage ssbAnother new stage has been unveiled for Smash Bros, this time representing a series not yet visited in the franchise. The Paper Mario stage highlights some of the major mechanics of the series, as it is made of paper and is blown away by strong winds. It is currently unclear whether this will affect the gameplay of your fighters, but when the stage folds over and opens up again, it transforms into a completely new stage: the S. S. Flavion from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. 

paper mario stage ssb pt2The shift in stage design appears reminiscent of the screen-scrolling design of Rainbow Cruise or the field-changing evolution of Pokemon Stadium, and it’s great to see the Paper Mario franchise make its debut in the Smash Bros. series. What do you think of this new level? What series of games do you hope gets its own stage in SSB4?




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