New Infendo Poll!!!

Holy crap, you’re kidding me, right? Those schaefs over at Infendo finally updated their poll. That’s right folks, we’ve got a new one after all this time (and yes Resident Evil 4 won by 46% out of 620 votes last time). This week, let’s take an assessment of where Infendo readers spend their hardware money.

Thanks to all that gently reminded us of a new poll, and as always, thanks for voting.


  1. That’s me to the left.

  2. You gots mad hops Rollin.


    You could be in a real life platformer.

    But the real question is…

    Can you double jump?

  3. There’s no way that’s Rollin!

    Unless he finally caved in and cut his hair… Blasphemy!

  4. …. but the girl is on the left?

    and poll wise:

    w00t- xbox rocks my socks. sry gamecube- i havent owned a this generation nintendo system since i sold my gbsp.

  5. Oh… He meant MY left!


    Well, still, Rollin’s hair isn’t blonde!

  6. Oh, sad sad xbox man.

  7. I was away this weekend and I come back to find out the INFENDO GENIE granted my wish! Thanks for the new poll!

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