Just Days after the US Micro launch, internet rumors, as well as the below shawty image hint that Nintendo has quietly launched a new backlight GBA SP.

Gaming Age forum user: “Since the Micro wasn’t going to be out for another week and I had the money, I bought the Graphite, turned it on in the car and sure enough the thing’s backlit. What was once the ‘light on/off’ button in the middle now just switches between two brightless levels a la the PSP’s brightness button.”

If this is in fact true, you gotta believe that Ninny’s been quiet to keep the focus on the Micro.

[Source: DS-X2]


  1. Wow, I’d have to say that that’s crap.

    I want a backlit SP, not my crappy sidelit one.

    Thanks a lot Nintendo.

  2. That’s actually true.

    They’re designated AGT and will only be the 2 new colors coming out. 😉

  3. (well AGT was the old number I guess they’re going to go with AGS(101))

  4. One last post – The reason for the quietness was because they didn’t want a bunch of SP owners whining at them, telling them to give them better screens.

  5. That image looks so damn fake, it’s not even funny. Nintendo haven’t used that side bar for GB’s for a long time now.

  6. a worker at toys r us told me yesterday that they were expecting new sp’s with the micros

  7. That picture looks pretty fake…
    reminds me of this strange lit GB classic version….
    Well on topic:
    Nice move, but Iwonder why they didn’t do that earlier….
    Well, won’t make me buy a SP 😀
    /me wants a micro !

  8. It is confimed, IGN said so. It should use the same tech as a DS and Micro, and therefore would have the second best screen quality. (Clarity wise) It’s smaller than a DS, so it’s sharper, but it’s bigger than a Micro, so it’s the clearest. Things are pretty simple when you look at them.

  9. Fully Confirmed. I got a shipment in yesterday (Tuesday) I work at game Crazy. Not fake fools. the End.

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