New Dance Dance Revolution to arrive in time for holidays on Wii

Nintendo Power’s April 2007 issue confirms the release of Konami’s newest installment in the Dance Dance Revolution franchise for the Wii, due the second half of 2007.

“Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party” promises traditional DDR gameplay via the traditional DDR dance platform (included), but will also include extra movements for the Remote and Nunchuk that promise to crank the embarrassment factor up to 11. Also included is a “cooperative and competitive” 4-player simultaneous mode (most likely similar to the XBox’s “DDR Ultramix” series) and various minigames, presumably for those of you who simply cannot get enough of pretending the Wii Remote represents a collection of dippy objects begging to be manipulated in clichéd situations. I do hope they let you herd sheep.

No word yet on the track-list, other than “an all-new licensed soundtrack that features some of the best dance tunes from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and today,” which also happens to be the mantra of the afternoon radio DJ. Still, a dancing game for Wii is exactly what Nintendo needs to continue the drive toward its casual customer base, and this title should appear on shelves at roughly the same time as My Sims – You’ll probably want to hide the Wii from your little sister this holiday season.

I’m curious as to how the dance platform will be designed – Since the game uses both the Remote and Nunchuk separately, Konami will either need to use the Gamecube ports or make the device communicate with the Wii via Bluetooth. And if they can do that, it really opens up possibilities for Wii peripherals.