New Castlevania DS Game?

Nintendo Power will reveal a new, DS sequel to Circle of the Moon, starring Alucard, on next month’s cover. From the issue’s Next Month section: “We can’t tell you what’s on the next issue’s cover but trust us-we’ve go the biggest scoop of the year so far!… As mysterious as a new moon, the follow-up to one of 2005’s best DS titles is a whip-smart adventure that you won’t want to miss.”

An Infendo reader, who sent in the tip, comments: “Computing clues… whip-smart? Alucard has a whip… new moon? Castlevania: Circle of the moon… 2005’s best DS titles? Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow… Adventure? Okay, it’s pretty stupid obvious at this point.”

[Thanks, Deep.Grave]