New Castlevania DS Game?

Nintendo Power will reveal a new, DS sequel to Circle of the Moon, starring Alucard, on next month’s cover. From the issue’s Next Month section: “We can’t tell you what’s on the next issue’s cover but trust us-we’ve go the biggest scoop of the year so far!… As mysterious as a new moon, the follow-up to one of 2005’s best DS titles is a whip-smart adventure that you won’t want to miss.”

An Infendo reader, who sent in the tip, comments: “Computing clues… whip-smart? Alucard has a whip… new moon? Castlevania: Circle of the moon… 2005’s best DS titles? Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow… Adventure? Okay, it’s pretty stupid obvious at this point.”

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  1. It was inevitable, still I kinda wish they would’ve waited maybe a bit longer. They’ve come out with so many of them in such short succession that I’m just kind of eh over the games. I never finished all the play modes in CotM or the arena in it. And I kind of quit on DoS right near the end too.

    Maybe if they take a cue from Simon’s Quest and make the game play not all centered in one castle, it’d be a decent change of pace. Blasphemy I know, but the castle designs just keep getting worse with each game.

    And yet I know I’ll still play this…

  2. the new Castlevania was already announced @ the first NDS conférence held in Japan in the end of 2005

  3. Revolution Castlemania….


  4. Yeah, I’m leaning towards a Revstlevania.

  5. this information is incorrect

    suicide may be a good alternative

  6. Cute, but April Fools’ isn’t for a few days, yet.

  7. Alucard using a whip? HE USES A SWORD. This is obviously false info unless Alucard magically became a Belmont. (Which is impossible)

  8. It was the tipster who said that, not NP.

  9. BOOO! I call for a hanging on the creator of this artical. 😛

    Also, I Am GOD! PHEAR ME!!!!

  10. In addition to the afformentionded Alucard facts, the fact that IGA has removed Circle of the Moon from the Castlevania cannon, it is extremly unlikely that the information above is true. However, it can’t be found suprising that another Castlevania game is cooming out. Not that I’m complaining, seeing as how the series has always had a high level of quality.

  11. The guy that wrote this article is a complete idiot and knows nothing about Castlevania.


  12. DS Sequel to Circle of the Moon starring Alucard??? WTF, first of all. There was never a Circle of the Moon for the DS. Second, Alucard DOES NOT STAR IN CIRCLE OF THE MOON. Third, ALUCARD DOSENT HAVE A WHIP! Forth, Nathan Graves is that main character in Circle of the Moon. Fithly, I HOPE ITS A CIRCLE OF THE MOON SEQUEL, BUT THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE IS A COMPELTE SPAZZ, DONT WRITE ARTICLES IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW.

  13. Hey, dickhead:

    Calling it a DS sequel doesn’t imply that Circle of the Moon was on DS; No one said that Alucard starred in Circle of the Moon; and Blake didn’t say Alucard had a whip, that was quoted from the tipster. So either you keep jerking off to half naked elves in WoW, or you get out and learn some basics of reading comprehension.

  14. hey, i couldn’t help but laugh at all of you. Not to be mean or anything but did anyone think that maybe this game would star Julius?

    New moon: the castle in aria of sorrow was sealed in the eclipse (or so ive read, i havent played that one)

    Whip: Julius has that whip thats in most of the games

    come on people, im not a hardcore gamer (well i mean i do other things besides play video games every single day of my life) and even i could figure this one out.

    …though maybe im wrong, who knows…

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