NESamp MP3 Player

Some enterprising individual took an old NES controller and turned it into a MP3 player. The controller buttons even work to control the music.

Now if I could just mix this with the NES belt buckle, I’d be set.

[Source: Boing Boing]


  1. I actually started to build mine and have actually made most of it. I just need to solder all the wires and it’ll be done. Mine, unlike his though, will use the hole for the cord as a headphone port. I’ve even come up with an idea so that with a second Nes controler turned upside down I can create a docking port using the screw holes for contact points. That way it doesn’t have to have a gawdy usb port sticking out to connect it to a comuter. The biggest problem I have however is that it isn’t rechargable and given the complexity of the wires it ‘s preferable that I don’t have to open it to change the battery. Any idea’s?
    *note that there really isn’t a whole lot of room to spare and I thus far haven’t had to buy anything,*

  2. i would pay hard cash money, and even donate one of my 5 nes controllers for that beutiful MP3 player. It would be even cooler if the reversw side had an Ipod screen, but the controller is enough for me.

  3. I’m with frisby, thats fricking awesome. You should totally make a belt loop clip on the back though so we can all do our best Captain N impression (hehe). Very nice though if you decide to sell these make sure you let us know.

  4. Seems a bit of a waste of a perfectly decent NES controller, unless it was already broken. I mean if they keep up with this there will be hardly any working NES controllers left in the world!

    Well actually it’s not all that bad seeing as Revolution will be able to play old Nintendo games, but still…

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