Motion Plus May be Permanently Embedded in Silicone Jacket

IGN is reporting that multiple sources suggested that Nintendo’s upcoming Wii-Motion Plus peripheral may come embedded in one of Nintendo’s trademark silicone sleeves.

IGN’s Matt Cassamassina had this to say in a post-GDC write up:

During the show, there were all sorts of companies showing off Wii MotionPlus, from AiLive to countless developers, all fascinated by the device. No major revelations about the technology itself, but one interesting tidbit did come up a couple times. Namely, that MotionPlus might ship infused inside of a jacket and cannot be removed. A perma-Wii remote condom, if you will. Bad news if you hate the Wii rubber because, if true, you will have to use one if you want to play games with MotionPlus, plain and simple.

Nintendo has a policy not to comment on rumors or speculation, so to our knowledge this has yet to be confirmed.  I can’t say that I’ll be surprised if this turns out to be true – and like many gamers, i’m sure i’ll be carefully mutilating my motion-plus sleeve to better suit my needs – but still, I’m not sure mandating “safety is the best policy.

[IGN via C3]

Update: C3 suggests that this might be a communication error – it’s quite probable that Nintendo told developers that Wii Motion Plus would ship with new silicone jackets, as the old jackets won’t fit the new peripheral.