Mother 3 (Semi) Confirmed

In a follow-up to the story about Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi’s webcam, the man himself has confirmed through a quick post on his site (which was quickly translated by that Mother 3 is very far along and might be released next season on the GBA in Japan. He admits the game isn’t done yet and the announcement is slightly ahead of time, but will remain quiet for the remainder of development while he works hard because,”I know the importance of publicity, but what i feel is that i want players to REALLY enjoy Mother 3.” There is a chance that it may have been mistranslated or something, but that’s always the case with these things. My money says it’s true.

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  1. Man, I wish It get released on the Revolution rather than GBA. They can make something happen with this franchise, but 2d cartoony graphics aren’t going to give it the proper treatment it deserves… This can be the next Final Fantasy or the Next Zelda franchise, it has thousands of fans, but it needs a bigger spotlight to stand in. Can someone mention it to Miyamoto or Regis ona interview to give this guys some help to make that come true? remember this was a rpg in times of side-scrolling, which IS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF.

  2. I have to disagree with that. I couldn’t be more glad that i’ll be playing that on my Micro. It was my fave SNES game and i love it to death (somewhere under the layers of contemporary worries). A 2D sequel is what i expected. It’s only had one installment in the US. They should grow the installed base now by pleasing the old fans and making news ones, then put it on DS or Revolution with more razzle dazzle when there are more ppl to get giddy about it. Ur right, it definitely has potential to be big, but i’ve always seen it as a cult hit and this is major fan service to leave it 2D, for most of us. U’ll learn to love it.

    Besides, have you seen Gunstar Super Heroes? GBA can pump out dem visuals like crazy, kid. Dude’s been making this game for a while behind the scenes, it has to be sick. If ur disappointed with it, i’ll buy u a Rev.

  3. I understand what you’re are talking about. I have Final fantasy 1&2 and i’m playing Star Tropics on a PSP right now, but 2d looks old for every kid who is willing to spend their parents money on new games. I grew up with 2d and the GBA is the best for 2d but look at the new DS mario, it might be right up there with Super Mario Bros. 3 as the next great Mario but somehow it feels the same old to me. Take for instance Nes from the Smash Bros. Melee and create the world around him and think of puzzles with that new controller, now that’s next gen. I now many franchises seem to not work out in 3d (Pokemon, Ninja Gaiden & Castlevania) but, imagine if Microsoft had just this one license for them. Look at what they did for Fable, and that game is nothing against Mother Well, that’s my opinion, I’m sure no one could be dissapointed with this game, I’m all about 2d alive but, most regular gamers want epic games like the Zelda and this series deserves a big load of resources at their disposal so they can make one. I’m pretty sure this is just a franchise test for a Mother Revolution game a and they can invest in one. Now with this coming, I’m wondering how many games are getting new sequels? How about a Maniac Mansion remake?

  4. We’re not talking about next gen and regular gamers. We’re talking about u and me. Ppl who loved the first game. They could be working on a big Rev Earthbound for all we know, but would u rather have just the Rev one and not the GBA one in the meantime? My point is they wanna give it one more go in 2D where it was born and then take it up to the Rev level. It’s not even that big in Japan, so they’re doing this for both regions. A build up towards a console version. Besides, it’s been over 10 years, i wanna get back in that world. Don’t worry about its sales cause that’s not the point of this GBA entry. This is a cult hit and they know it. It’s for us.

    Btw Ninja Gaiden is awesome on Xbox, idaknow what ur talkin about.

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