More Rayman Controversy


Who knew the delay of a game, such as Rayman Legends, would cause such a huge controversy in the video game world.  I expected fans to become upset at the news, but figured in a week’s time we would forget it and move one.

We have all read stories about angry fans, and developers holding signs outside of the building.  Now, Michel Ancel voicing his reaction…and it doesn’t look good.  According to a rumor, originally reported on GameKult, Michel, and other staff members, are considering leaving Ubisoft once Rayman Legends is complete.  It seems he woudl like more creative freedom.

It has not been clarified whether the decision is based solely on the Rayman controversy.  My guess is that Rayman is the straw that broke the camel’s back.  At this time, Ubisoft is denying the Rumor.  Maybe he hasn’t told them yet?

I would love to see what he develops without a backing corporation, like Ubisoft,  telling him what to do every step of the way.  Or maybe see him strike a deal with Nintendo to help them create a score of new masterpieces.  Either way, I hope the little uproar the delay has caused will be enough to change open Ubisoft’s eyes to the anger they have caused.

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