More Nintendo Revolution Secrets Confirmed

Senior Nintendo VP George Harrison confirmed more is yet to be revealed about the Revolution. When asked if we know everything about the next Nintendo console, Harrison replied: “No, we have not entirely pulled back the curtain on Revolution just yet. There are lots of exciting details about its capabilities and the unique gameplay you’ll experience on it that we’re keeping under wraps — for now… Keeping some Revolution cards close to our chest is a strategic decision on Nintendo’s part.”

He continued by saying we will be “immersed” in Revolution news by next E3. Now if we could only get a tip as to what some of those added capabilities might be. It better be good, or it could come across as weak sauce after the stellar controller unveiling.

[Source: IGN]


  1. Oh man.

  2. I would love to see the revolution have an even more fine tuned wifi service that at least rivaled if not exceeded the ease of use of xbox live. Nintendo has finally admitted online play is something that gamers are looking provided it is easy to use. I think a lot of their efforts should go into this aspect especially considering they want to have a full download network. I also think either a hard drive or high capacity memory cards, maybe even multi card reader ports would make a good fit so you could keep all this information. Its gonna be exciting to see what unveils.

  3. I think that Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World are going to show Nintendo how popular online games can be. Which hopefully will mean a great online service for the home console.

  4. “immersed” – hmmm

  5. Inmersed??? mmm Nintendo On ???? mmm

  6. Was it ever determined as to who actully created that Nintendo On video those few months ago?

  7. i read Nintendo On was made by some Spanish Art student seeking to get a job at Nintendo.

  8. Dang, I sure hope that the Rev doesn’t have a crazy virtual helmet thing. The remote is a big enough jump for now. It’s kinda obvious that it won’t have anysort of virtual reality helmet though. I can see it now…

    NINTENDO: Ok, non-gamers! You are our new audience for gaming!
    NON-GAMERS: Funtimes!
    NINTENDO: Here, not only do you have to hold this new-fangled remote freehand sensor device, but you also have to put on this virtual reality helmet! Talk about ‘casual gaming!’
    NON-GAMERS: Flee! Flee!

  9. It must be a hard life sharing the same name as 1 quarter of The Beatles.

    But anyway the suspense is hard to take, just when you think you know it all with the release of the controller, Nintendo still has things to hide!

  10. Miyamoto said once that the controller was the big gun. People thought of a gun. The controller came, and it was not a gun but it could used as one. So people were right and wrong. Maybe we are right and wrong talking about VR

  11. Since we’ve all seen that video where they showed how the Rev’s controller will work (cooking, fishing, etc.) and it didn’t show any sort of helmet/projector/visor/suit, I think any other big secrets will be contained within what we’ve already seen of the new system. This could include anything about the wifi experience, classic games updated for online play, movie download partnership with Netflix, or smell-o-vision scents that emit from the console. I’ll admit, I really didn’t expect the controller they came up with, so who knows what else they’ve thought up.

  12. “Inmersed??? mmm Nintendo On ???? mmm”

    omg. I KNEW someone just had to say it. Even though you, me, and everybody else knows that the freaking Nintendo ON video was NOT made by Nintendo.

    He said we’d be immersed in NEWS, not literally immersed in the actual videogames themselves. Geez, people.

  13. You know what i think? I think they’re being so secretive because some of their wifi features may be inspired bt Live. So when they reveal their stuff, by then they’ll have added some bells and whistles here or there to match the other service. But really it’s just secret cause it’s not finished yet. Like the name.

  14. Well said.

  15. The fact that it is “news” that actual news will be realeased eventually is…well news to me.

    IGN, should have choose a better question.

  16. When he said inmersed he meant to say inmersed. A VP of any large company says the words that he exactly wants to say. The choice of words is premeditated in all public apareances of this type of executives. Just like politics

  17. What the hell does “inmerse” mean?

  18. I still vote for smell-o-vision scents. Who wouldn’t want to smell Donkey Kong or whatever Yoshi smells like!!??!

  19. Inmersed means to get under water, but alse surrounded, like dolby surround inmerses yous with all around sound

    something like that

  20. I thought submersed meant ur underwater. My eyes r twirling..*drops*

  21. mabe its gonna have some sort af hola gram thing built in the controler that repeats catch phrases from star wars

  22. mabe its gonna have some sort af hola gram thing built in the controler that repeats catch phrases from star wars

  23. Luke I am yo babies daddy!

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