More mainstream praise for Wii

Some favorable Wii press (and criticisms) has recently hit the intertubes. First, USA Today hails Wii as the early launch winner over the PS3 saying Nintendo’s launch “has been probably a little better than expected and Sony’s has been a little bit more disappointing.” Should be interesting to see how much of that can be attributed to initial supplies of each, but the newspaper claims Xbox 360 as the real sales winner of the Thanksgiving shopping break.

Next up, the NY Times suggests Wii “succeeds admirably” in making games fun for all and accessible to non- and casual-gamers, but claims that Wii “won’t work as a primary system for hardcore gamers.” It’s safe to say Nintendo along with its many enthusiasts certainly hope it can deliver in that regard despite its inferior tech specs. So have any readers out there given up on Wii as a “primary system” as the Times suggests it can’t be?

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  1. gambit says:

    Mario Galaxy.
    Metroid Prime 3.
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
    Disaster: Day of Crisis.
    Project HAMMER.

    I think I’ll be in fine form with the Wii as my only console. 🙂

  2. MacUser says:

    im not getting anything else in the forseeable future.

  3. JohnH says:

    Having played video games since the Atari 2600 I think few could be termed more hardcore than I. I have no interest in systems other than the Wii.

    (When did people who primarily like things like first-person shooters start getting called “hardcore?” They tend to be obnoxious young people who’ve seen too much Star Wars and with an unhealthy intensity of interest in anime.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mario? Zelda? Metroid?

    That sounds pretty hardcore to me. It’s not as if Nintendo is only making non-gamer titles. The Wii is a sophisticated gaming console, not a toy. Mainstream press is good, but not when it paints the Wii in that light.

    If “hardcore” means someone who has owned every Nintendo console since the NES, then I suppose I am “hardcore” then. And Wii will be my only console this generation.

  5. DeepThought says:

    honestly, im believe i need more than just the wii. while my pc and xbox will be fine for a while, i think the wii60 is in the future. and i’m doubting the wiimote will make me give up the m/kb for fps.

  6. Rhyhon says:

    I’ll be fine with Wii for now, but I think in a few years I may have to join the Wii60 bandwagon, but I’ll wait until I see more of what the 360 can do.

  7. Ryuben says:

    I love good games.
    There are already great games to be played on all of the next-gen systems. When my budget allows it, I will be buying all three.

    I own all 4 last gen systems and while I can’t say I loved them all equally, there isn’t one among them that I didn’t have a blast playing.

  8. InvisibleMan says:

    Sorry, guys, but I am one of those who agree that not all gaming is included in the Wii… It’s wii/360 for me as well (can’t live without my Halo 3!)

    I did the same with the previous gen, by the way: I got the GameCube first, then the Xbox to complement my gaming habits.

    I don’t see each one of these two systems as competing with each other; to me purchasing both is the same as purchasing both an MP3 player and a radio: two completely different gadgets that together cover my multimedia needs.

    But I won’t need my 360 until next Spring, so it’s only the Wii (and the GC, the GBA, the DS, the Xbox, and the Dreamcast) for now!

  9. Anonymous says:

    have 3 gamecubes in my home and five kids 1 ps2,1 xbox AND THEN THERE IS THE GGGRRRREEEAAAATTT WWWWWWIIIIIIII
    hands down the clear winner(that’s mine 323 yr old kid) you have to understand xbox is great very great and is in the mid stages of its life so its peaking out now.
    Wii on the other hand has just been born and is already smoking. i had people playing with the wii whose ages range from 5 to 60yrs old(and they all loved it) I have all he controllers and 9 games so far clearly my best buy of 2007

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