More mainstream praise for Wii

Some favorable Wii press (and criticisms) has recently hit the intertubes. First, USA Today hails Wii as the early launch winner over the PS3 saying Nintendo’s launch “has been probably a little better than expected and Sony’s has been a little bit more disappointing.” Should be interesting to see how much of that can be attributed to initial supplies of each, but the newspaper claims Xbox 360 as the real sales winner of the Thanksgiving shopping break.

Next up, the NY Times suggests Wii “succeeds admirably” in making games fun for all and accessible to non- and casual-gamers, but claims that Wii “won’t work as a primary system for hardcore gamers.” It’s safe to say Nintendo along with its many enthusiasts certainly hope it can deliver in that regard despite its inferior tech specs. So have any readers out there given up on Wii as a “primary system” as the Times suggests it can’t be?