More mainstream media love for the Wii

The Seattle Times‘ Brier Dudley has really taken a liking to Nintendo’s new system. In his article today he even rambles on about rowing out to the freighters coming to Seattle as part of an elaborate attempt to score one of the first Wii consoles to hit American shores.

“I try to be skeptical during product demonstrations, but this one left me convinced the Wii (pronounced “we”) will be a huge hit and the hottest toy this holiday season.”

Now, in that vein I’ve caught some flak for my stance on the Wii — especially with price and my wacky opinions on the controller. I’ve been called a Nintendo employee; colorful swear words; and various emasculating slurs that probably came from people who are secretly intimidated by the system. That said, I’m sticking with my guns, and writers like Brier Dudley only reinforce my belief that Wii will own this holiday and beyond.

“Mostly, the Wii is just plain fun. It’s approachable and has a kind of charm, like a Volkswagen Bug or an iPod. The controllers sound complicated, but it’s easier to jump in and play the Wii than an Xbox or PlayStation and their button-laden controllers. But the biggest selling point may be the price. It costs $250, with the sports game included, and free online services. That’s about half the cost of an equivalent Xbox 360 or PS3 setup.”

I’m going to continue to beat the price horse to a bloody stump, because once that’s coupled with the functionality and style of this system, your average Target shopper doesn’t stand a chance after November 19.