More Capcom titles for Wii inbound

Aeropause is reporting today (Gamasutra)that Capcom is set to flood the Wii with, well, something:

Gamsautra: Are the games being developed for the Wii going to be exclusives or re-imagined ports from other platforms?

CB: It’s a good question… Capcom has to balance its content between some of its established brands that may come over to different platforms ”“ obviously we have a track record there with Resident Evil 4 from Gamecube to PS2. We also have a track record of focusing key franchises on specific platforms such as the Devil May Cry brand. Also we’re launching new IPs on new platforms such as Dead Rising and Lost Planet. At the end of the day all I will say is there is a continuation of that same strategy of a mixture of strategies on each platform and with the different brands we’ve got.

Rule of journalism: When a source says “that’s a good question” it means you are about to be on the receiving end of some massive spin. In this case, it means that Capcom has ports a plenty coming to Wii. Personally, I can’t wait to not buy games that were out in 2006 for the PS2. That said, Resident Evil GET!