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Everyone knows the Gameboy simply dominates the handheld market and now the DS is holding it’s own. While the PSP is trying to gain ground, and it has, it’s still not selling like Nintendo’s long running franchise and the new Duel Screen device.

What about cell phones though? Will they ever be able to compete on scale with what the Gameboy has done. IDC seems to think so, but again, people don’t buy cell phones for games (the N-gage is proved that). They buy cell phones to talk to people and they buy Gameboys to play games on the go.

[Source: Journal Gazette]


  1. I think you are right. We buy phones to communicate and also use them to play and we buy GameBoys to play games and with the DS or PSP i.e. also use them to communicate…
    Cell Phone gaming is so different from handheld gaming. ATM they don’t compete, but maybe, one day, they will. Or they will simply merge.
    GamingSteve said: “The Micro would make a great cell phone!”

  2. Is is just me or is every other post on this blog posted as a question?

    That’s no fun.

  3. Anon,
    The questions are to build a sense of community with our readers. We try to report and see what you think simultaneously. We don’t try to act like we know everything because we don’t.

    If you guys don’t like the questions we can limit them a bit though.

  4. No, keep the questions, information doesn’t always need to be directly told to us, synthesizing and analyzing is good for us to kickstart our brains into thinking.

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