Miyamoto in Kyoto

At the Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference today, many industry personalities took to the podium in the lecture hall of Ritsumeikan Unversity, Miyamoto being one of them. He talked about the Revolution controller, reiterating the viability of the nuchaku periph; then he said, “There’s another secret, But I’m not going to go into that here. That’ll be for a later date.”

What a tease you are, Shiggs. We knew there were other secrets to the Revolution, but now we know exactly where they lie– the controller. And you thought you knew everything about that Revmote…

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. I know what that “secret” is!
    Do you see the “cross” directional button and the “a” and “b” buttons at the extreme of the controller, where you can’t reach them by holding the controller as a remote?
    Well, turn the controller 90 degrees counter-clockwise, hold it with both hands, and what do you get? GameBoy controls!
    Could the secret be that we’ll be able to play GameBoy games from all GameBoy iterations in the big screen through the Rev? The mind wanders…

  2. InvisibleMan…
    There’s no reason to think it wil be able to play GB games because we all know, Gameboy’s controls are also.. Yup, you’ve guessed it: NES controls! Duh! Why didn’t I think of that!?

  3. The fact that the controller could be turned ninety degrees to give NES functionality was already announced for the virtual consol features of the Revolution, when the controller was first demonstrated. It’s something else.

    Maybe it controls my coffemaker, oven, and next-door neighbor too. Besides you can play GBA games on our Cube, all you need is the attachment. That doesn’t make for a very good surprise.

  4. Maybe they will announce that the Revolution is really a way to train us to be Nintendos loyal army with razor sharp accuracy from thousands of hours of playing Metroid Prime with the controller, and soon we will be given laser weapons that work the same way and all go to war for the cause of Nintendo!


    Sorry I couldnt sleep last night because of my shoulder 🙁 I am wierd when I am sleepy ^^

  5. I feel pretty confident that one such secret feature will be a microphone in the controller.

    It’s worked so well for the DS why wouldn’t they include a built-in microphone for the Rev.

  6. knowing nintendo, there will still be a secret or two that we will see once we get it in our homes

  7. I am confident the “secret” is Force-Feedback. I don’t mean rumble.

    I mean wireless, battery efficient force feedback technology.

    Man, Nintendo are genii.

  8. I had a crazy idea after reading the first few comments. Why not have a virtual handheld. You get a card “The size of a DS cartrige) and have the ability to download GB & GB Color to it using wifi. Even NES and Super NES games could be downloaded.

    Just a thought. What do you say?

  9. Well I’ve been spending many months speculating in this forum, one of the crazest ideas somebody told me was that the Revolution controller was the actual console itself! Yeah I didn’t think so either. Projector was another suggest, helmet we’ve had, temperature has been a suggestion, etc.

    Personally I reckon it might be something less crazy, probably relating to an incentive to make more fun multiplayer games or something. Ah well I can at least take comfort in knowing that there are indeed more secrets awaiting to be unleashed.

  10. Hey Wai! Maybe it will give you an electrical shock for that added immersion lol. Though I didn’t see Miyamoto saying that the secret pertained to only the controller. He just said that there is a secret about the console itself.

  11. Doh, I read the article over at IGN and Matt seemed to insinuate that Miyamoto was talking about a secret pertaining to the controller oh well no secret VR stuff 🙁

  12. Miyamoto is bending us over again. But he can do that anytime he wants. lol

  13. Guys, did ya notice the absence of Mario 128?

    Man, Spong sure is credible.

  14. Hi gerrhod! I didn’t know you posted here!

    We ought to get a couple more of the gang to post here so we can make rollin paranoid and make him think we’re going to invade and take over the blog lol! Which of course we’re not…… [insert the ‘or are we’ bit below]

    ….or are we? 0_0

  15. Who said the secret is in the controller?
    Miyamoto said ”there’s another secret” but he did not say it is in the controller. He just said it after he talked about the controller and people somehow thought so.

  16. Feel free to take it over, Wai. ;D

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