Mii’s on a worldwide parade

Gamer1: “I hate that guy”
Gamer2: “What guy?”
Gamer1: “That guy in the stands.”
Gamer2: “Which one?”
Gamer1: “The blonde one with the spikey hair and that vacant 1,000-yard stare.”
Gamer2: “You mean Blake’s Mii?”
Gamer1: “Yeah, him. He follows me everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Bowling matches, baseball games and even down at the gym for boxing. He won’t leave me alone. And he just stares at me.”
Gamer2: “Bummer.”

And… scene.

I have just recreated one of the latest cool pieces of info to drop about the Mii Channel — your Mii’s and ones that registered friends create can pop up just about anywhere. In games, in the giant Mii Channel playpen, maybe even as you step up to hit a few homeruns in WiiSports, like Blake’s Mii may do if I ever grant him access to my region specific Wii console. Or Nick, or Matt or Dave or any of the other Infendo ninjas and readers.

Nogami: To put it simply, Mii Parade is a system that uses the network to allow Mii characters created by many people to mix and mingle. You can line up Mii characters in the “Mii Plaza”, but at the start the only Mii characters you will find are those you have created yourself. Over time, however, using the WiiConnect24 system, other users’ Mii characters can come and visit.

In the same way, your Mii can make an appearance on someone else’s Wii, although this won’t happen unless the user has authorised it. The user can choose whether or not to allow their Mii to come and go on the network, so the only Mii characters that will appear on someone else’s Wii are those where the user has permitted it.

Iwata: You could have a Mii which has come from the other side of the world!

One more interesting thing is that the Mii characters do not always feature as the main characters in the games. You can also find them popping up as faces in the crowd. For instance, in Wii Sports, a Mii you made a while ago and had forgotten about might turn up one day in the spectators’ seats.

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