Micro vs. iPod

All the various iPods have sold well, why not the Micro? iLounge.com has a great article on the similarities between Apple’s iPods and Nintendo’s GBA’s. They make some valid points in that despite the system’s price, it’s a good strategic move on Nintendo’s part.

Oh yeah, and the article features some of the best Micro/Nano pics this side of the Mississippi.

[Source: iLounge]


  1. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SEXY!!!!! The price is the only thing keeping me from sleeping on the streets for this thing. I don’t know why I’m so hyped, especially as the price is also keeping me from picking it up. But I WANT IT!!!!

  2. I usually wouldn’t categorize Nintendo and Apple together, but in this instance I would since both the ipod and the micro are overpriced hardware.

  3. I bought a shuffle for $99 bones, and that thing is still paying divends. I think iPods are worth it and wouldn’t buy anything else for portable music.

    Micro overpriced? That’s debatable.

  4. The Shuffle cost Apple like 64 bucks to produce, so I guess everyone’s version of ‘overpriced’ can use that as a jumping point.

    The Shuffle sold like the proverbial ‘hotcakes’ … and if this trendy trend continues, Micro should do exactly what it was designed to do, and that’s sell more GBs.

  5. How is a shuffle paying “divends?”

    j b cougar, can you give a source for where you got your info that it cost $64 to produce a shuffle?

  6. According to his website


    It was more like $45 to produce the shuffle.

  7. I feel the same way as Firemblem does…
    I want one sooo bad and just have no idea why 😀
    Well….I think I’ll pick one up or get it for Christmas 😀

  8. I want that Micro… (drool)… wouldn’t mind the Nano either 😉

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