Micro gets a date

Next Generation is reporting that the GameBoy Micro will be released in Japan on September 13. Although the price is still unknown, it’s widely expected to be well under the DS’s $150 price tag. $79 anyone?

Still no word on either a US or European release date though.

[Source: Next Generation]


  1. I think it could be even cheaper than $79. The kind of price that gives people little reason not to get one. i.e. the Mac mini.

  2. I heard that at least in Europe it’s going to come bundled with the Play-Yan so I’m guessing $100€, 50 for the GBM and 50 for the Play-Yan.
    I want to get one, but I only have one GBA game and I want several DS games that are going to come out in September (like 4 or 5).
    Maybe Christmas 😀

  3. As much as I love Nintendo, for some reason I don’t think the ‘Micro’ is going to sell very well. It most likely will not BOMB — It just doesn’t seem that appealing, like the DS did. If you already have some version of a gameboy, why get an even smaller one? The screen is so small.. it seems like it would be difficult to play. I like my DS, I don’t need a Micro and I don’t think they’ll sell well.

    Naturally, I wish Nintendo the best of luck, but in the mean time, I’m waiting for the revelation of the Revolution controller!!

  4. You guys already own one, so you are not the people this is targeted for. The fact that you mention even thinking about getting one speaks very well of the product. This is an update to the GBA franchise and it’s really portable even if the picture doesn’t show because of the petite woman holding the systems.

  5. I’ve seen a video of micro and it looks well slick.

    Yes, the screen is really pushing it in terms of size but it looks crisp, bright and sharp – unlike the GBA or even the SP’s screen.

    I have a DS but not GBA or SP so will definitely pick this up.

    I think the Japanese will really go for the micro in droves – especially with the play-yan device. It has the signature Japanese cuteness and Miniaturisation down to a tee.

  6. I don’t understand why Nintendo is creating another Gameboy system when they have the Ds out. Right now, all their marketing power should be put into the DS/PSP war, and not detract attention from the DS. Not to mention I think if anyone wanted a GBA, they would’ve already bought the original or an SP. I agree that having another system only increases profit, but I’m concerned that it will take the spotlight from the DS, similiar to Sony’s problem. Everyone is so interested in the PS3 that no one really is concerned with the PSP anymore. Either way, I wish Nintendo the best of luck, and since they have the history and the success in the portable market I’ll trust them on this decision.

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