Micro Faceplates

On the 17th of November, Japanese Micro owners will be able to buy a slick new Pikachu faceplate. If I lost you at Pikachu, take one look at it and you’ll want one. I’m digging the black on red with the white Pikachu silhouette.

What’s your most wanted Micro faceplate?

[by Rollin, Source: DS-x2]


  1. I’d really like to see an NES plate, like the japense famicom one only with the much slicker grey, black, and red.

    C’mon Nintendo!

  2. Hmmm….looks really nice…
    I have finally decided to get a GBm next year when the Play-Yan comes out.
    This is actually the best Pokemon merchandise I have ever seen.
    Imho Pokemon does not deserve the kiddie-only image it has. Those games are so much fun, great RPGs.

  3. I’d like the Game and Watch faceplates, sadly it’s only for Japan (and has sold very well)…

  4. Agree with sturek, pokemon is great fun on GBA, sure exploit the kiddy market, but open to older ppl too.

    Anyway, very nice faceplate

  5. Actually, the source seems to suggest that it’s a special Pikachu Game Boy Micro, not a faceplate..? Would be cool if it was a faceplate though.

  6. While unlikely, I’d like one with Mario and Link shaking hands.

  7. Actually as you mention it real business, I’d like to see faceplates/LEs of all the Nintendo IPs.
    Just make imagine Link or Mario or Kirby instead of Pikachu on this plate. Imho really really nice stuff.

  8. I don’t care what the faceplates have, i just want em. It’s almost addictive how easily u can swap them out. Hell, i’d even condone something like a Halo plate for an Xbox fan who has a Micro. Like no matter what ur tastes, the Micro has u covered. Even stuff outside of gaming.

    Anyway, yea i think it is a LE Micro cause i saw the price was over $100. Regardless, it’s still a Pikachu faceplate.

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