Metroid Prime "nailed it" with Wii FPS controls

On the day-of-days for Wii news, IGN comes up with this Megaton bomb for FPS lovers: “As we played a new single-level demo of the Prime 3 at Nintendo’s Wii event in New York City, the game’s designers came upon and told us that we absolutely needed to try the new ‘expert’ control mode. They explained that they hoped it would satisfy our cravings for first-person maneuverability similar to a mouse and keyboard configuration in FPSs on the PC platform […] We started up a new level where heroine Samus Aran explores a vast space station and immediately switched to expert mode. We’re happy to report that it simulates the accuracy of PC first-person shooters almost perfectly, and we found ourselves soaring through levels, zipping around corners, pulling quick turns and zapping down enemies with pinpoint precision without (sic) seconds. Simply put, Retro has nailed it – and it makes the wait to 2007 for the game that much more difficult”

I look forward to fragging you soon.