Metroid Inspiration?

Is it Metroid the Movie? Nah, but it sure looks like upcoming action flick Ultraviolet took some inspiration from a certain famous bounty hunter gal. The following frames were grabbed from the trailer by an ever watchful Infendo reader.

Thanks Frisby!

[Source: Ultraviolet Trailer]


  1. My karma really is rising.

  2. Sadly, once you have bad karma, there really isn’t much you can do about it, unless you get really lucky. You could always create another account, though. If you want your post to get modded up, just bash Microsoft somewhere in the middle.

  3. if the post gets modded up it gets modded up. talking to yourself is just lame and no one really NEEDS to bash microsoft. Flaming with yourself is just chidish. I’d rather play video games than feel a false sense of enlightenment.

  4. But think of the mod points!

  5. …[‘;’]

    What the hell are you guys talking about??

  6. wtf, indeed.

    And I see someone decided they needed to rip off Kill Bill and make another movie about a chick running around in tight clothing and hacking people up with samurai swords.

  7. In the future when the lead actress is a engineered super chick (aeon flux)

    Anonymous sugested i get an alt name so i could argue with myself so this post would get a bunch of comments like i give a s**t.

    After reading it again I am even more confused.

    Dammit no morph ball mode in movies other than metroid!!!

  8. Karma = Slashdot terminology. I was making a joke.

  9. ic

  10. It is strange that the movie is made by Sony Pictures? Is Sony copying Nintendo again?

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