Merrick Leaves Nintendo

Jim Merrick has left Nintendo to pursue other interests. From the article: “According to Game Informer, Nintendo has officially announced that Jim Merrick, the popular Nintendo executive has officially left the company in order to pursue other interests. Merrick has held several important roles within the company, serving as Nintendo’s Software Engineering Manager, Nintendo Network Marketing Manager, as well as Managing Director of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo Europe.”

No word on who will take his place, but there you have it.

[Source: DS Advance]


  1. Okay, a little too weird… A senior executive lets something slip on Zelda using the Rev controls… And now Jim Merrick is leaving Nintendo of America to pursue other interests? Hmm, I think Jim let out the secret. But to where he’s leaving, he might feel a little pressure from Nintendo right now, and maybe he even got fired… Just something to think about

  2. busted.

  3. I will take his place >=D

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