Meetro Coming to DS

Meetro is an Instant Messenger, which shows the proximity in miles how far away each user is from your location. When ported to the DS, you will be able to locate gamers around you while you are on the move.

Will Nintendo’s wi-fi service be able to do the same thing? (I doubt by miles…)

[Source: TechWack]


  1. Woh! Time out! I’ve been saving up for a DS.. And I finally have enough money, but I don’t want the silver (everyone has it) or the blue (don’t like the color much) – Where can I get a black or white one like in that picture!!!

    Are they for sale?! Haha sorry .. the black one just looks really nice and would be perfect for me 😀

  2. Go and have a look at Lyk-Sang to import them. I just did last week; a pink version for my girlfriend. Really good service (I’m in Canada).


  3. what do you mena you “doubt by miles…”

    If it connected the distence doesn’t matter for either one, if it is not then neither will go over 100 feet.

  4. Yeah I want a BLACK Ds also.. When are they going to release in the US?

  5. the Black DS is a limited special offer and will soon stop being sold.

  6. I thought all the Jap colors were non limited edition (except maybe the red one, not sure about that, but it’s not really “limited” as so many units sold 😉 )
    I personally like the white one best 😀

    I think Meetro is a pretty nice idea and could be pretty useful.
    That measuring the ditance feature is just a gimmick imho, but ICQ support YAY!
    Let’s see how good it really works, but I’m really interested in these kind of products…

  7. Babble can you give me the details on how much you paid? I’m in Canada also and I want to import a white DS but am scared of how much extra I’ll have to pay with Duty, Taxes ect. Thank You!

    Also if you want new colours of the DS in North America E-mail Nintendo and post on their community message boards. What I like about Nintendo’s customer service is when you e-mail them you will get a response e-mail from someone in Nintendo.

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