Meet Mario, the billionaire

Mario, that plucky, timeless plumber, has made the Forbes Fictional 15. What’s that you say? Why, it’s a list of the wealthiest fictional characters from around the world that Forbes puts together because they apparently can’t find enough to do with themselves. Mario, one of the freshman in the list, weighs in at #15.

Mustachioed Italian plumber leaps onto Fictional 15 after decades of collecting gold coins from sewers, clouds, oceans. Dabbled in other trades, including boxing referee, race-car driver, golf pro and doctor, but maintains the best way to get rich is smashing brick blocks. Humble profession belies many accomplishments: defeated King Koopa, repeatedly saved Mushroom Kingdom, rescued damsel in distress from giant, barrel-flinging ape. Twin brother Luigi remains closest companion. Says Mario, enthused about newfound wealth: “Woohoo! It’s-a me, Mario!”

Finally, Mario gets the attention he so richly deserves. I was beginning to think Nintendo had forgot about him.