Marzipan Mario

Kotaku has posted to a flikr thread with photos of an all marzipan (almond paste of questionable geographic origin, possibly european or middle eastern- thanks everyone) Mario with cupcake mushrooms. Those of you that read this site know that I take cute things very seriously, so all of you better pay attention to the following photo.


  1. Ummm….

  2. marzipan is not mexican. its european (portuguese, spanish…)

  3. yeah-duh

  4. Well both of you are wrong. Marzipan was originally from middle east and was introduced to Europe in the late Middle Ages

    Check out this website for more info. 🙂

  5. You guys rule~ thanks for correcting my post- Usually in California we get a lot of Mexican marzipan so that’s where most of it comes from here, but as an aspiring cook it’s good to know about it’s origin, and that it’s hazy and much argued.

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