Mario Unleashed

This popular video, Mario Unleashed, features a group performing Mario songs in front of a live audience. It has been circulating all over various websites. For whatever reason, I hadn’t taken the time to watch it until someone emailed it to me.

If you haven’t seen it, this video is awesome! It features drum solos, a marimba, dramatic reenactments, and even fireballs. Best of all, the crowd simply goes wild.


  1. Sweet mother of mercy…that’s awesomecross.

  2. That is the epitome of talent show glory. Does anyone know where to get this in a downloadable format? This one has to be viewed on a TV, fo’ shizzle.


  3. thanks for the links, nicholas, exactly what i was looking for (since google video isn’t supported in my homecountry yet) 🙂

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