Mario Super Sluggers announced for Wii

Mario Super Sluggers WiiThe ongoing excitement over Nintendo’s groundbreaking Wii system gets a surprise springtime boost with the announcement of a new game. Kicking off its semiannual media summit in San Francisco near the company’s new sales and marketing offices in Redwood City, California, Nintendo of America today revealed plans for Mario Super Sluggers for Wii, giving baseball fans even more reason to root this season.

“Mario is truly a one-of-a-king character; clearly fans can’t get enough of him and his friends,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re giving Wii users brilliant new ways to enjoy him while expanding our series of active-play games.”

In the same spirit as other sports-themed Mario games on Wii like Mario Strikers Charged and Mario Kart Wii, Mario Super Sluggers blends richly interactive baseball action with eccentric characters and elements from across the popular Mario universe. Players can swing the wireless Wiimote just like a bat or wave it toward the plate to deliver a masterful pitch, enjoying the same intuitive, easy-to-learn controls that helped make Wii Sports a living room hit. With Mario and his unpredictable pals filling out the roster, imagination and active-play innovation are sure to dominate the diamond in this lively title, scheduled for release later this year.

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  1. So this must be the Super Mario Baseball I read about in Nintendo Power a few months back. Hope it’s better than Mario Supersatr Baseball

  2. No wonder 360 & PS3 owners make fun of the Wii for only having games with the same 3 characters (Mario, Link & Samus)… :-/

  3. 360 and PS3 elitists can say whatever they want. I had an absolute blast with the original Mario Superstar Baseball on GameCube. It had some flaws, but it was a fun game of over-the-top, arcade-ish baseball. I am definitely looking forward to this one.

  4. Mario Strikers Charged is still probably my favorite game for the Wii. I didn’t really have a lot of fun with Superstar Baseball (no 4player support >:| ), let’s hope they do it right this time.

    Honestly, it could just be a tack-on of Wii Sports with some new modes and challenges and I’d be perfectly fine, the bat physics were perfect.

  5. The original on the gamecube was a blast and since it is a first party title the bat controls should be solid. My only hope is that they improve fielding which was the most annoying part of the original (and just about every baseball game on the market in my opinion) Maybe add some online as well.

  6. wow- another mario game.

    i’m still holding out for mario calvinball though…

  7. Would it be too much for this fan to be looking for some snazzy baseball jerseys instead of the traditional overall togs?

  8. I’m very excited about this. Love me all of the Mario sports games.

    Can’t wait for an awesome Wii-ified Mario Golf and Mario Tennis as well.


    That is the sound of Mario MILKING!


    But, IF it is a fun as the Wii sports Baseball, i would be worth a rental, at least.


    Stop milking Mario for gods sakes !


  10. NINTY: Okay Mario, hold that bat up like you’re going for a homer!
    MARIO: Can I–
    NINTY: Give us a smile!
    MARIO: I’ve been here three hours an–
    NINTY: Mario, stand up straight, give us a grin, suck in that gut, clench your fist like this game means something to you and we swear we’re done.

    *mario slumps over and drags himself to his trailer*
    *flops down on his couch*

    MARIO: Peach, I’m getting really sick of all this. It’s like we’re remaking the sequels of sequels of sequels here. I don’t even like baseball. I’m Italian for Koopa’s sake. *sigh* I’m gonna go get a drink and–


    Oh heck, not again.

  11. @ -_q says that was pretty funny except the italian part, a bunch of the best baseball players of all time are italian. still funny though…

  12. Haha, thanks actraiser.

    That sorta slipped my mind. I was recently in Rome and well…”football” certainly rules the population there. That was the first thing that came to mind. Which doesn’t quite work.


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