Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi Details

Some exciting announcements were released today in a Nintendo press release regarding Mario Kart DS multi-player details. If you don’t own the cartridge, no worries. Nintendo will let you download a limited selection of 8 100cc engine tracks playable with 2-8 players. You’ll only get to race with ShyGuy though.

I was a little disappointed to hear only 2-4 players can play simultaneously over the wi-fi network though. Is that right?

[Source: DS-X2]


  1. Yeah, its a little disapointing that its only 2-4 player online. However, I’ll take that over 1 on 1 Warppipe tunneling at 10 frames per second! This is the first online game for Nintendo, hopefully future games will have 16-32 players….Mario Kart is going to be soooooo awesome and meaty though!!!

  2. Just to clarify, the download play(without owning the game) sounds like it is only available as a local download (not over the internet).

  3. Download Play is always done locally. If it were Wifi, it’d be useless cause everyone else on wifi has the game already.

  4. Of course! I believe 2-4 players is perfectly acceptable, considering players from all over the planet can play in the same game

  5. Yep, to prevent lag 🙂

  6. do we know if we can use the US version of the game to play against those that have the euro or japanese version thru wi-fi?

  7. I think yes.
    You can even sort contacts by regions (countries).
    Those specs are great. I think everybody who has a DS will have Mario Kart, so download play is not that important…

  8. Well, considering that when u play against world wide opponents they surely won’t have the US version, i’ma say yea.

    You can’t even get on wifi without the game, so Download Play does not concern wifi.

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