Mario Kart DS Scores Big

Early Mario Kart DS reviews are popping up, and they look extrememly positive.

IGN gives the game a 9.5/10, saying:

The only way to finish this review is just to say it: this is the greatest Mario Kart game ever developed, and is without a doubt the best DS game of 2005.

1UP gives a slightly more conservative score of 9.0/10, noting:

Everything about MKDS comes together into a surprisingly compelling package, a portable racing game on par with anything ever to appear on a console. Even for a skeptic like me. Like the victor of a tough kart race, MKDS has come from behind against steep odds to snatch the gold from the clutches of cynicism.

Does this make Mario Kart DS the must have title for Christmas, or can you wait that long?

[Thanks J B]


  1. Definately picking it up sometime today…can’t wait.

  2. MK, MK64, MKSC, MKDD…man…all of them have been my favorite all time racing games and definately within the top five for their respective console or handheld.

    I’ve been ready for MKDS since I first heard rumors of it long before the DS came out. I reserved my copy long ago at my local GameStop.

    But alas, my small town doesn’t get them in until tomorrow.

    I’m gonna go sulk now.

  3. did anybody check out the european mario kart site? what do you think?

  4. Where is Mario Kart DS available today? I’m in seattle, wa!

  5. my local gamestop’s manager says he’ll have it by 3pm, im in houston tx

  6. With or without those scores I’m waiting for my US copy to arrive in Italy…
    Mario Kart has always been a terrific triple A title…no way I can miss…
    someone of you fellow is actually playing it?

  7. I’m getting mine tommorow =D unless they’re sold out… I sacrificed so much time in order to get nintendogs T_T and later on i didn’t even have enough time to take care of them *cries* stupid school >=(

  8. I went to Best Buy today and they hadn’t stocked it on the shelf yet but when I asked a guy he went and got it for me- I already started making my emblem and after my homework is done I’m going to go online for sure!

  9. I picked up the title on the 14th and I have to say it is probably the best MK to date. The new drifting abilities, courses, and kart stats make this a must have. The online component although simple is very easy to use and is an amazing experience. Everyone should pick this up asap and get online.

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